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BAWL 2023 Anthology: SPACE

This is the book cover art for this year and is meant to convey that SPACE can be used in may diverse contexts.

The SPACE theme was chosen for many reasons. It is an appropriate association to the state and specifically this area. Houston is thought of as Space City. Texas has a dynamic space industry. But the word space has nearly boundless meanings. You don't write SciFi? No problem! There are all sorts of ways you can write about space and we're hoping for just that sort of creative diversity in the anthology this year. See 2023 Anthology rules for guidelines and details for submitting your SPACE story, poem, flash fiction, haiku... it's up to you!

For additional motivation and inspiration Becky Ellisor has provided this original poem:

Invading Space

Gimme some space, man

Don’t bother my space

I won’t bother your space

Then together

We can space out.

In a short space of time

Humanity went to outer space

And started the space-age

Space-helmets required

To become space-cadets.

Mathematical concepts of space

Euclid, Newton, Leibniz, Einstein

The Dimensions of Space and Time

Absolute space and the Great Void

How many Dimensions in Space?


Spacewomen and spacemen

Spacewalk in space

Outside their spaceships

In Spacesuits

Wide open spaces

Moving spaces

Enclosed spaces

Inside spaces

Old and new spaces

Real spaces

Living spaces

Out of this world spaces

Expensive spaces

Unrealistic spaces

Space on Earth is Limited.

Is there time

To save this space?

That’s the Real

Space Race.

Please remember, the yearly BAWL Anthology is a service. It takes volunteer members significant amounts of time and effort to take it from an idea to a product and it cannot be accomplished without significant input from you. Our timeline is solid in order to achieve an end of year delivery. The amount of content required to comprise a book requires at least a dozen people participate. Help us, help you, and join in the fun!

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