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What's a Write-in?

It's a meeting of writers who join together to write. Why would a writer do this? To force himself to write: if that is what it takes to get a move-on in his work.

It is a set time to write with other writers. A write-in can break writer's block, build confidence, inspire that creature in your brain that has to write and has fallen out of the habit, help you share your thoughts with people who have been there, or a write-in will call out your muse if she is hidden or lost.

Most writers struggle with some or all of these problems: real characters, thought-provoking ideas, storylines, plot essentials, style, and sometimes finding their true genre. Write-ins help writers, which is why Write-ins have been a part of the Bay Area Writers League for many years. It keeps you trying: even if it is the only time you write. Life often gets in the way of creativity, no matter your creative field. Visual artists often paint or draw together, to learn from each other, and be inspired to continue practicing their craft. At a write-in, writers do the same.

Join us and grow your skills and learn to whip out that muse at a moment's notice. You can do it. We are here to help.

We welcome writers of all genres and styles, all levels of experience, and all types of writers – fiction, non-fiction, poetry. We always provide a prompt, and some of us read what we have written at the end. You can write whatever you are currently working on and read or not read – your choice. Sometimes, just being in the presence of other people writing, will help to keep you going or get you started and on your way. It's akin to a writer's fix.

We are meeting online now. You don't even have to get in your car and go to a meeting place. If you are new to Zoom, then email for an opportunity to practice first and if, you want to join us and need the login connection, email Becky

Our main write-in is once a month on the third Saturday at 3:00 pm for two hours. Starting June 8, we will be holding Write-ins every Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and on the first and third Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Write with us.

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