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SEPTEMBER 2023 Edition


Hello, Writers!

Not much new to report this month.

Happy to announce that Lulynne Streeter's poem "Belly of the Whale" has been excepted for the fall edition of EQUINOX online magazine published by hotpoet, Inc. Congratulations to Lynne. If you have a success, please share it with us so we can let everyone know and post in the News section of our website.

I'm keeping Lynne's column, Tools of the Trade, in our Table of Contents even though that section does not have new content. This month Becky Ellisor has provided her first Suggestions from an Editor. This is a temporary category but welcomed nonetheless. We are actively pursuing other columnists and are open to your suggestions. If you'd like to write for our newsletter we'd like to hear from you.

Production on the Anthology is going well and we are on track to publish as per our schedule. We will keep you posted on that project.

The feature this month is about earning money on Substack. If anyone has personal experiences with regard to publishing on Substack please share.

If you're like me you're hoping we start to see cooler weather and lots of rain in September, it's been so long.

Stay cool.

- Kelley

Monthly Feature

Paid to Write - Substack

"Do you best work, supported by your subscribers"... The Substack motto.


Writing Prompt Image of the Month. Hot and Steamy Summer.

Inspirational Quote of the Month:

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck


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