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 Member and Org News & Announcements

 We want to post our member's accomplishments here on our public facing web page. Please share your news on the Member Forums and we'll be in touch to get the details.WRITE-IN CHANGES!

The Monday and Wednesday write-in events have had a time change. Instead of 2-4pm cdt the new time is 9:30 to 11:30am. Please know that 11:30am is the absolute latest. When the write-in ends depends on how many participate.

The third Saturday of the month write-in will now be led by Julie Pitzel. The time, 3-5pm, remains the same.

Anyone else interested in leading a write-in in-person or via Zoom should be contact to establish the event.

Debi Fairchild In On a Roll!!

First: The Mysterious Man With The Box.

This children's short story Debi Fairchild wrote was published in an anthology in the United Kingdom by Tim Saunders Publishing Company last month.

No further details available. Feel free to respond to Debi about her story, the publisher, and where to purchase a copy of the anthology by replying to her post on the topic in our Member Forums.

Second: We have a winning Poet! 

Two of Debi's poems won first and second place in a monthly members only contest with the Abilene Writers Guild. First place winner is The Power of Poetry and second place winner is Life On The Farm. They don't publish your work, the group just gives you a challenge each month to write and they pay prize money for first and second place, so Debi's prize money is $35.00 for both. Look them up at It cost to join, $25.00 a year. They don't do virtual meetings and they don't charge a contest fee. but you have to be a member to enter their contests.

Mary Margaret Carlisle

September 15, 1942 – November 10, 2023

Mary Margaret Carlisle founded the Gulf Coast Poetry Society. If you were a poet, a wannabe, or just loved poetry in the Bay Area of Houston, you probably knew of Mary Margaret or, took poetry classes from her or were mentored by her. She was a Bay Area Writers League member and a regular attendee for a long while.

Mary Margaret's accomplishments included being an American poet, writer, essayist, and poetry judge. Mary Margaret Carlisle's work was published in seven editions of the Texas Poetry Calendar, numerous literary journals, magazines, and several anthologies produced by Mutabilis Press, and other online poetry journals. Ms. Carlisle was a member of The Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers, The Texas State Historical Society, The Poetry Society of America, The Poetry Society of Texas, Gulf Coast Poets, Galveston Poets Roundtable, Gulf Coast Women Who Write, The Academy of American Poets, Women in the Visual and Literary Arts and others. Mary Margaret was Sol Magazine's Project Director and chaired Ampersand Poetry Journal's board.

 PEN, the National Writing Society, inducted Mary Margaret in 1988. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston Clear   Lake and was honored with keys from Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Chi in 1991. She was a featured poet across Texas, including for the Poetry   Society of Texas, Poets Unleashed in the Woodlands, First Friday in Houston, Poetry in the Arts, Webster Bay Area Barnes & Noble Reading   Series, Austin International Poetry Fest, Seabrook Coffee Oasis, and others. She had both judged and been a featured poet of the Houston   Poetry Fest and judged other book and poetry competitions in Texas.

 Mary Margaret Carlisle taught over one hundred and fifty poetry workshops and facilitated Poetry Works Workshops across Texas and in the   Texas Bay Area. She taught poets how to critique their work and that of others. On occasion, she helped her students and colleagues   prepare  manuscripts for publication.

 She and her husband, Leo Woltz, resided in Webster, Texas, for many years and were active volunteers for the city in many of its endeavors.

2023 BAWL Anthology: Space

November 19, 2023: The 2023 BAWL Anthology: Space, is available for order on the Amazon website in both paperback and Kindle formats.

This year nine writers participated. Anyone was welcomed to submit up to four items, as the project is limited to the Houston area.

The book is divided into four sections: Essays, Poems, Short Stores, and Author Biographies.

Please visit Amazon and order your copy today!

Robert E. (Bob) Hawkins

Robert Edward Hawkins

August 19, 1958 - October 19, 2023

Bob passed away on October 19th in Bacliff, Texas after a long, courageous battle with cancer. You can read more details of Bob's life at the Carnes Funeral Home website. You can also leave a story there about Bob, if you have one.

His time spent with BAWL is mentioned: "Bob was an avid photographer, focusing on unique and eclectic subjects and styles. In addition, he was a journal and short story author and served in various positions in the Bay Area Writers League. He was one of the writers published in the 2021 anthology, "Anticipation."

Bob created this website. He established the newsletter style we send out every month. He brought a smile and a good attitude to all he was involved with in the league. He is missed.

Lisa Unfried

October 23, 2023: Lisa Unfried latest book has been published. It is a YA fantasy novel called, "Into the Dragon's Den". It's available through most book sellers and has received great reviews. 

Book Description: 

Ever wonder if there is more to this life? Daniel did, even though he didn’t realize it. He was just a mild mannered, teenaged boy trying to deal with the challenges of a major move, a lack of friends at a new school, and the school bully’s repeated attacks. All he wanted was to get through school and immerse himself in his video games and hope that life would somehow get better. Then he met the town’s matriarch who offered him something different, an alternate reality.

Follow Daniel as he slips into realms beyond his own. Daniel discovers it takes faith to follow his destiny and learn the truth of his identity. He finds new friends and together they discover the truth of Evil, its tactics for destruction, and its influence on the darkness of their world as they find themselves within the Dragon’s Den.

You can connected with Lisa here (leave your congratulatory message in the forums) and you can find her on Facebook/lisaunfried.

Lulynne Streeter  

Lulynne Streeter's poem, titled: Belly of the Whale, has been accepted for the fall edition of EQUINOX online magazine published by

Ms. Streeter is a long time BAWL member and often joins the weekly write-in events. You can learn more about her by visiting her website, There are a couple of author profile pages you can also check out to see more about Ms. Streeter. She can be found here on Goodreads and here on Amazon.

Congratulations to Ms. Streeter for her poem and we also look forward to seeing what she's submitted to the the 2023 BAWL Anthology!

Kelley joins our team.

We have a new person volunteering to help BAWL as the website administrator, monthly newsletter editor, and yearly anthology editor. Kelley recently moved to the Houston area and immediately began looking for a writers group to join and found us. We are lucky to have her as you can see from her first (April) BAWL Newsletter. You can learn more about Kelley at her Kel.Zone website.

The 2022 Bay Area Writers' League Anthology available now!

Eerie Happenings by Ten Writers

Scary, thought-provoking, uncanny short stories and poems make your skin hairs rise. Ten authors share fictional characters, real happenings, light horror, and thoughts on strange events. These stories and poems provoke eerie feelings, happy thoughts, momentary fear, and sometimes laughter.
Read in an afternoon or on the go, while cooling your heels, or instead of twiddling your thumbs when waiting. Great for those times when you have just a few moments to enjoy a good read. Readers will feel surprised, happy, sad, uplifted, satisfied and inspired.

Eerie Happenings is an anthology of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from local authors in the Houston area.

Available now on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

JJ's new book is available!

Thanatos: Everything Dies

"Magic is dying and the world is dying with it." The world faces eventual extinction. Gods abandon the world for an unknown cause and as they go, so too does their magic. It's up to a group of mortals who silently pledge to save the world from total extinction. Sacrifices must be made. Magical races are a threat to the very life of the planet. Eyes turn to witches and dragons. An organization known as Thanatos is formed under a common extreme solution. "Every caster or magical creature drains precious time from the world. This news must be kept secret and they all have to die. Everything dies." Please feel free to join us on discord:

Available now on Amazon in Kindle (Free for kindle unlimited members) and paperback formats.

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