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Member and Org News & Announcements

We want to post our member's accomplishments here on our public facing web page. Please share your news on the Member Forums and we'll be in touch to get the details.

JJ's new book is available!

Thanatos: Everything Dies

"Magic is dying and the world is dying with it." The world faces eventual extinction. Gods abandon the world for an unknown cause and as they go, so too does their magic. It's up to a group of mortals who silently pledge to save the world from total extinction. Sacrifices must be made. Magical races are a threat to the very life of the planet. Eyes turn to witches and dragons. An organization known as Thanatos is formed under a common extreme solution. "Every caster or magical creature drains precious time from the world. This news must be kept secret and they all have to die. Everything dies." Please feel free to join us on discord:

Available now on Amazon in Kindle (Free for kindle unlimited members) and paperback formats.

Kelley joins our team.

We have a new person volunteering to help BAWL as the website administrator, monthly newsletter editor, and yearly anthology editor. Kelley recently moved to the Houston area and immediately began looking for a writers group to join and found us. We are lucky to have her as you can see from her first (April) BAWL Newsletter. You can learn more about Kelley at her Kel.Zone website.

Bob Hawkins has gone on to better things. We wish him well!

Records' Latest!

The Santorini Event

by L. Russell Records                            

Bay Area Writers League member L. Russell Records is the Author of The Santorini Event, the fourth book in The Calloway series.

Commander (Retired) Kirby Calloway and his new wife Senior Special Agent (Retired) Ellen Cortez are happily settled on their ranch northwest of Fort Worth,Texas, raising chickens and their adopted son, Morgan, now four years-old. They receive a call from their old friend CIA Deputy Director Kenneth Broussard, aka, Katanga. He wonders if life on the ranch is getting routine, and if they would be willing to travel to the Greek island of Santorini as tourists on his nickle. He wants them to investigate some unusual activities by Islamist illegal iimmigrants on the nearby island of Sikonis. They would go undercover as members of a British undersea exploration team looking for the lost city of Atlantis. This book is part travel guide and mostly thriller as the Iranians are set to trigger a war in the Eastern Mediterranean with their first nuclear bomb test. The Calloways are tossed right into the middle of this explosive international situation and must prevent the next explosion in the caldera of the ancient volcano of Santorini to prevent "The Santorini Event."

Available now on Amazon in Kindle (free for kindle unlimited members) and paperback formats. 

The 2022 Bay Area Writers' League Anthology available now!

Eerie Happenings by Ten Writers

Scary, thought-provoking, uncanny short stories and poems make your skin hairs rise. Ten authors share fictional characters, real happenings, light horror, and thoughts on strange events. These stories and poems provoke eerie feelings, happy thoughts, momentary fear, and sometimes laughter.
Read in an afternoon or on the go, while cooling your heels, or instead of twiddling your thumbs when waiting. Great for those times when you have just a few moments to enjoy a good read. Readers will feel surprised, happy, sad, uplifted, satisfied and inspired.

Eerie Happenings is an anthology of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from local authors in the Houston area.

Available now on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

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