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MAY 2023 Edition


Editor's Notes:

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all.

The April, 2023, edition of the BAWL newsletter had a couple of errors which have hopefully now been resolved. The emailed version was missing the banner and inspiration photos (these can be seen via the website archive of the newsletter) and the link for Membership Update went astray. You can view where it should have gone: here. Thank you for your patience as we refine this method of newsletter creation and delivery.

We encourage everyone to visit our website as it continues to evolve. Members, our forums miss you! Please join the conversations. And my sincere thanks to the members who've identified problems. Couldn't make it better without you!

Feature of the Month - We are happy to announce the start of the 2023 Anthology!

The yearly BAWL sponsored Anthology is a service we offer to members and non-members. It is a time consuming effort that is only successful if there is timely participation. In addition, there is a certain level of participation that is required in order to have enough material to fill a book. We hope you all will join in and submit your item(s) and make this the best BAWL Anthology so far.

The theme for this year is: SPACE. You can read more details on the Anthology 2023 page.(Links below)

In-Person Meetings -

Efforts have been going well to locate meeting places for members and guests to get back together in-person!  We have two local libraries in the works with meeting rooms available to accommodate anywhere from 10 to 75 people. We are also contemplating having a few special write-in events focusing on the  SPACE Anthology. There may be announcements about these locations before the next newsletter.

Announcements -

I'm pleased to update the Announcements page with a link to Thanatos: Everything Dies, a book published by one of our members and a regular attendee of the weekly write-ins, Oer O aka JJ.

We want to share your accomplishments so please use the Member Forums to notify us.

Events -

As a reminder, our Meetup account ended this month. Our website offers registration and confirmation features for all our events including the write-ins as well as any new in-person events once they launch.  By default you are notified when new events are loaded but you may opt out of these notices if you prefer. If you encounter any issues with these notices or any other feature of the website please use the Forum and post your issue in the thread titled: Website Feedback, Report Bugs here.

If you would like to contribute to the monthly newsletter or have suggestions please let us know on the Member Forums. The deadline for submitting is the seventh of the month. The newsletter is delivered on the 14th.

Get the feeling I'm pushing you to the forums... Come on, don't let Becky and me be the only ones posting there!

'Till next month then.

- Kelley

Feature of the Month

The BAWL 2023 Anthology has a theme:


Let the writing begin!! Read all about submission guidelines on the 2023 Anthology Rules page.

Want more details about the theme, to see the book cover artwork, and be inspired by poetry? See Anthology.

Please don't wait until the final date,

AUGUST 1ST, 2023,

to submit your items. The earlier the better!!

Want to help out? Contact Becky Ellisor.


Writing Prompt Image of the Month. We will be sharing various SPACE themed images to help inspire your Anthology submission.

Inspirational Quote of the Month:

“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.”
 Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places: Stories


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